Mick Mulroy: Lead Like a Spartan

Listen to an excerpt from Mick Mulroy’s presentation, “Lead like a Spartan” at Plato’s Academy Centre’s virtual conference, “Ancient Philosophy for Modern Leadership.”

Mick Mulroy is the co-founder of Lobo Institute, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, retired CIA Paramilitary Officer and U.S. Marine, ABC News Analyst, and MEI Fellow.

Prison’s turned Boris Becker into a disciple of Stoicism, with a little help from an old rival

Boris Becker found comfort and support in the Stoicism course delivered at HMP Huntercombe, with the Aurelius Foundation, where he served part of his sentence. Justin Stead and Pat Cash, Founders at the Foundation, joined by Sukhraj Gill, Foundation Manager, visited Boris in prison.

Read the full article below to find out how 2 Wimbledon champions have found guidance through Stoicism.


Sukhraj Gill joins Kasey Pierce at Plato’s Academy Centre, Athens to discuss how Stoic principles can provide us with thought models and principles to navigate our choices in how to live.

10 Years of Stoic Week! - Stoic Week 2022 with Modern Stoicism

The non-profit organization Modern Stoicism is celebrating ten years of Stoic Week. First trialled in 2012 and launched publicly in 2013, Stoic Week invites participant to live like a Stoic for a week to see if it can help them lead better, happier lives. This year, 2022, with be the tenth public run of Stoic Week. It starts on Monday 24 October. Registration is open at and there is further information at

How does it work? Participants complete a series of questionnaires before the week starts. Then, each day for seven days they engage in a series of reflections and practices that, on average, take up around 30 minutes in total each day. Once the week is finished, participants complete the same set of questionnaires to see how their attitudes and views about their lives have changed. It is completely free and open to all.

Over the last decade, almost 40,000 people have signed up for Stoic Week (c. 38,600) and over 20,000 have contributed data to our experiment to see whether Stoicism actually benefits people. The results that we have gathered over the decade consistently show that Stoicism does have a positive impact: on average, participants have seen a 15% reduction in negative emotions and a 14% increase in life satisfaction – after just one week. The results are consistent across age groups, gender, and nationalities.

We have also mapped these results against a survey of Stoic attitudes. The more Stoic someone is in outlook, the stronger the results. The more people shift towards adopting Stoic beliefs, the greater the change in wellbeing.

Stoicism continues to suffer from popular misconceptions. This has nothing to do with becoming emotionless or adopting a stiff upper lip. Over the last decade or so thousands of people have turned to Stoicism for guidance in how to live well and there have been multiple best-selling books. Stoic Week is an opportunity for people to test it out for themselves and see how it might transform their lives for the better. The evidence to date suggests that it will!

For further information, visit and

Justin Stead joins Kasey Pierce at Plato's Academy Centre, Athens

Justin Stead joins Kasey Pierce at Plato’s Academy Centre, Athens to discuss the Aurelius Foundation vision and how Stoic values can inspire and guide us all.


Justin Stead on Stoicism and The Aurelius Foundation.


What Business Leaders Can Learn from Stoicism in Times of Crisis.


Justin Stead, founder at the Aurelius Foundation, joins the PEPTalks team for an episode on the Private Equity Power Talks podcast! Justin discusses the importance of Stoicism in leading a calmer, more productive Life and how Stoicism is critical in business when approaching ESG, Resilience, Culture and Transformation.

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