The Aurelius Foundation exists to increase awareness of the principles of Stoic philosophy

Stoic Icons Event
The Legacy of Seneca, Epictetus, Cicero, and Marcus Aurelius”. With many thanks to Saun Sullivan, CEO of DSLD Homes, for his generous support of the Foundation’s mission & sponsoring the distribution of this event recording.
Stoic Business Decision Making
Professor Christopher Gill speaks for our global conference, sharing guidance on Stoic business decision making
Global Business Conference
Athens, Greece
Many thanks to Wimbledon Champions Boris Becker and Pat Cash for joining us at the Academy of Athens.
The Leverhulme Trust Podcast
Podcast from The Leverhulme Trust podcast series in Philosophy, where Chris Gill, Advisor to the Foundation, joins to discuss Stoic thought.
The Prison Stoic
Andy Small, and Professor Christopher Gill, Advisor to the Aurelius Foundation, are working with HMP Exeter to bring Stoic thought and guidance to inmates
Stoic Wellbeing Course
Enroll in our Stoic Wellbeing Course developed by Eve Riches and Tim Lebon
Oxford University Freshers Fair
Thank you Oxford for welcoming our society
University of Nevada
Thank you to the University of Nevada Business School for joining our class of Stoic business Ethics!
Royal Holloway University
Bringing Stoic Wellbeing & Resilience to Royal Holloway University.
Bristol University
Thank you to the University of Bristol for hosting us! We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Wisdom, Justice,
Temperance, Courage

At the Aurelius Foundation, we recognise the need to support young people to live a Life of clarity and purpose, and the additional support required in the face of increasing challenges in the modern world.

Stoicism provides us all with a clear framework to interpret our personal nature and direction in Life coupled with the development of strong character through the key virtues to contribute to the common good and ultimately build a better future for us all.

Foundation Mission
Stoicism & the Environment
7m 41s
As a collective Stoic community we are always striving to understand and make an effective contribution to the greater good through our life contributions. Professor Christopher Gill explains for our recent international leadership conference, why for him, this includes a deep appreciation for nature, attention to how we are treating our environment and preserving our world.

What is Stoicism?

Stoicism is a school of ancient philosophy that flourished in Greece and Rome for some five hundred years. The ancient Stoics developed a comprehensive philosophical system comprising logic, physics, and ethics.

At the core of Stoicism is the idea that in order to live a good life we need to develop a character shaped by the virtues of wisdom, moderation, courage, and justice. This is something completely within our control and can be achieved no matter what the circumstances.

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In the words of Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius Bust

Approach each action as if it is your last; dismissing the wayward thought, the emotional recoil from the commands of reason, the desire to make an impression, the admiration of self and discontent with your lot ... if you can follow these principles, the Gods will ask nothing more.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Verse 5, Book 5

Our Mission

Foundation Aims
Why Now?
1m 37s
The Meditations
2m 3s

The Foundation is supported by a network of the worlds leading Stoic academics, thought leaders and contributors

Founders & Contributors
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Justin Stead
Justin Stead
Justin Stead is the Founder of the Aurelius Foundation, a community interest company with the vision to...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Hollie Boe
Hollie Boe
Foundation Manager
Hollie is the Executive Assistant to Justin Stead (Aurelius Foundation Founder) in all areas of his business...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Guy Hume
Guy Hume
Following the completion of Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce degrees at Monash Univer...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Andy Small
Andy Small
Andy has worked for HM Prison Service since 1992 starting as a Prison Officer at HMP Pentonville in North London...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Natalia Stead
Natalia Stead
Natalia Founded the Aurelius Foundation in partnership with her husband, Justin. The Foundation is a comm...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Professor Christopher Gill
Professor Christopher Gill
Professor Christopher Gill is an Emeritus Professor of Ancient Thought, University of Exeter. He has had...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Michalis Michael
Michalis Michael
Michalis is the founder and CEO (@DigitalMR_CEO) of London headquartered DigitalMR Ltd, a tech company in art...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Dr John Sellars
Dr John Sellars
John is a lecturer in Philosophy at Royal Holloway, University of London, a Visiting Fellow at King's Col...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Ross Paton
Ross Paton
University & Higher Education Lead
Ross works within the public sector as a counter-extremist practitioner and is also a National Security Masters grad...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Joe Eastin
Joe Eastin
Joe Eastin is Chief Executive Officer of ISN. ISN is the global leader in contractor and supplier info...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Sukhraj Gill
Sukhraj Gill
Foundation Director
Sukhraj is a Director at the Aurelius Foundation and supports the Foundation’s mission in promoting awareness...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Tim Lebon
Tim Lebon
Tim is a founder member of the Modern Stoicism Project Team and takes a lead role in the scientific research as...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Eve Riches
Eve Riches
Eve graduated from the Institute of Education and has taught Psychology for 25 years. She has been a qualified men...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Donald Robertson
Donald Robertson
Andy has worked for HM Prison Service since 1992 starting as a Prison Officer at HMP Pentonville in North London...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Jay Adam
Jay Adam
University & Higher Education Lead
As someone who is navigating the journey of life, Stoicism has become much more to Jay than just a mere philosophy...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Kasey Pierce
Kasey Pierce
Kasey is also one of the editors of Donald Robertson’s graphic novel, “Verissimus: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aur...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Mick Mulroy
Michael Patrick Mulroy
Michael "Mick" Patrick Mulroy is the former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East, serving...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Pat Cash
Pat Cash
Pat is a well-known retired Australian professional tennis player who reached a career-high ATP singles...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Dhruv Makwana
Dhruv Makwana
Aurelius Societies Facilitator
Dhruv's been consoled by and practicing Stoicism since his efforts to overcome depression during his undergraduate...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - Lori Huica
Lori Huica
Stoic Survival & Resilience Facilitator
Lori discovered Stoicism in her final year of university, when she took Dr. John Sellars’ module ‘The Good Life in Anci...
Aurelius Foundation Founder - John Harlow
John Harlow
Stoic Survival & Resilience Lead
John Harlow is a qualified Mountain Leader, Rock Climbing, and Survival Instructor with over six years of experience...
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