The Aurelius Foundation Online Course | Wellbeing Through Stoic Philosophy

Eve Riches, Mentor & Teacher, and Tim LeBon, CBT therapist, Stoic life coach and author, work in partnership with the Aurelius Foundation and have developed our first Stoic Wellbeing course for individuals.

Our course aims to deliver Stoic guidance and tools to support wellbeing for all and amalgamates Eve & Tim’s experience of practical and theoretical Stoic wisdom into daily life, and ultimately helps attendees identify their path to practicing Stoic philosophy.

Our guidance through the course will aim to support your personal growth and our course doesn’t require any previous experience or knowledge of Stoicism.

We cover core concepts such as Stoic transcendence and what makes a good life and encourage a mix of academic discussions as well as practical conversations focused on the uses of Stoicism towards managing emotions or taking care of ourselves and others.

Why Stoicism & Wellbeing
2m 34s
Tim LeBon considers how Stoicism can support our wellbeing.

Our course offers:

  • Online lessons and activities over 20 weeks to practice Stoic concepts every day
  • Useful resources & downloadable information packs to help your studies and develop your understanding
  • Quizzes with every module
  • Audio meditations
  • Pre-recorded webinars to support your understanding throughout the course
  • Certificate on completion
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Course Creators

Aurelius Foundation Founder - Eve Riches
Eve Riches
Foundation Advisor

Stoic Mentor & Teacher

Eve has mentored individuals and taught Psychology for 25 years. Eve also works as an Employment Consultant and Life Coach, specialising in supporting disabled and neurodiverse people. Eve is registered blind / severely sight impaired and credits Stoic teaching with being able to live well with disability.

Eve is also on the steering committee of Modern Stoicism, home of Stoicon and Stoic Week, where she will be helping to run Stoic week and has delivered an online nine month Stoicism course.

Aurelius Foundation Founder - Eve Riches
Tim Lebon
Foundation Advisor

CBT Therapist, Stoic Life Coach & Author

Tim is a founder member of the Modern Stoicism Project Team and takes a lead role in the scientific research as Director of Research at Modern Stoicism.

He is an accredited Cognitive Behavioral therapist and a senior High Intensity psychotherapist in the NHS. He is also qualified life coach, counsellor and psychotherapist in private practice.

Tim is the author of 2 books, Wise Therapy: Philosophy for Counsellors (Sage, 2001) and Achieve your Potential with Positive Psychology (Hodder, 2014) and has also published many articles on Stoicism.

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