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John Harlow
Stoic Survival & Resilience Lead

John Harlow is a qualified Mountain Leader, Rock Climbing, and Survival Instructor with over six years of experience in outdoor education. Through this time, he has taken a particular interest in hostile environments, which has taken him to five continents in order to specialise in caving, bushwalking, and desert survival. While much of John’s work is physical, he spends a huge amount of time teaching, which has led him to gain a First Class degree in Philosophy, Qualified Teacher Status, and Accredited Practitioner status at the Institute of Outdoor Learning.

One of the central challenges in training people to survive hostile situations and environments is guiding them to the right mindset. John can teach you how to achieve protection, water, food, and rescue using improvised resources, but all that knowledge is useless if you panic in a live scenario. By using Stoicism to train ourselves to be more resilient, to be calm under pressure, and to act virtuously in adversity, John can help to prepare individuals to handle the mental challenges in a life or death situation. John firmly believes that Stoicism offers a powerful means not only to survive in dire circumstances, but also to thrive in our everyday lives.

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