The Aurelius Foundation offers bespoke Stoic Awareness & Business Strategy Days which provide a deeper dive into Stoic techniques and methodology to support Senior Business Leaders in managing unique business challenges in the fast-paced and changeable nature of today's world.

We also work with business schools to provide the next generation of leaders with Stoic guidance and insight for the classroom and practical application.

Our focused Stoic Awareness & Business Strategy days provide insights into Stoic techniques and methodology for:

  • Enhanced business strategy planning, considering multiple angles including ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), resilience, culture and transformation
  • Strengthening your teams and business from within
  • Long term business vision, managing change & identifying opportunity

All Stoic Awareness & Business Strategy Days are bespoke and designed for Senior Management teams & industry, please contact directly for more information.

Stoic Business Decision Making
9m 30s
Professor Christopher Gill speaks for our global conference, sharing guidance on Stoic business decision making
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