We are dedicated to youth development through education of the higher principles and values in stoic philosophy, and critically the development of the four central cardinal virtues of WISDOM, JUSTICE, TEMPERANCE and COURAGE in the pursuit of happiness.

Our vision is to support young people to consider their personal journey through Life and help them deliver positive and constructive change for the greater good through their life contributions.

The Importance of Mentorship in Stoicism
1m 29s
Justin Stead discusses the theme of Stoic Mentorship and the Foundations commitment to supporting young people.
The Foundations Higher Education Programs
2m 35s
Ross Paton, University and Higher Education Lead, considers his introduction to Stoicism and his vision for the Aurelius Foundation University and Higher Education programs
Stoicism as a Student
3m 44s
Ross Paton, University and Higher Education Lead, and Lori Huica, Stoic Survival & Resilience Facilitator, discuss how students can apply Stoicism
Dhruv's Journey to Stoicism
5m 0s
Dhruv Makwana, Aurelius Societies Facilitator, joins Ross Paton, University and Higher Education Lead, to discuss his introduction to Stoicism

University & Higher Education Programs

We work in partnership with Universities & Higher Education Institutions providing students with Stoic thought & guidance on:

  • Student mental & physical wellness
  • Managing and completing their studies, assignments, exams & competing deadlines
  • Shaping future personal goals and support for the common good
  • Developing critical skill sets in looking for and entering their first graduate role post-studies
  • Building Stoic resilience in approaching Life goals
  • Developing Stoic leadership and business skills within our Stoics in Business programme

Our programs are shaped and tailored with student needs in mind and we work closely with faculty staff to address the challenges students face in today’s world.

If you are an existing student or institution who would like to know more about working with us, please contact us at info@aureliusfoundation.com with any queries or for more information.

Aurelius Foundation Founder - Ross Paton
Ross Paton
University & Higher Education Lead

Letter from Ross Paton: Aurelius foundation, University & Higher Education Lead

"We are an institution which believes strongly in investing in young people and working through universities is a key part of making that investment a reality.

The Aurelius Foundation’s work within universities is fundamentally led by student needs and, through our university societies, by young people, for young people.

Our programs provide students with practical skills to better navigate their lives, from Stoic mental health resilience to meet the universal challenges of study and post-graduation life, to cultivating the stoic mindset needed to perform at the highest levels of sport and business. We also welcome students to our professional Stoic community and aim to empower them through our professional Stoic network.

It’s integral to underline the long-term nature of our vision; we provide mentoring, networks and help to develop student led, Stoic societies. Our ultimate goal is to develop a social movement for Stoic principles, led by young people themselves.

Writing as someone who faced serious challenges both prior to, and after graduating, initially without the tools of stoicism to grasp onto; I feel a deep responsibility. A responsibility to dedicate myself to providing students with these very same tools. To see the challenges of life which they might otherwise be reluctant to broach, and meet them with a quiet, but very real confidence.

I really look forward to working with you all in making this future a reality."

Ross Paton
University & Higher Education Lead

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