Stoicism & Rehabilitation within the HM Prison Service

At the Aurelius Foundation, we believe in the power of Stoicism to support offender rehabilitation and help individuals build better lives for themselves and their communities.

Our partnership with HM Prison Service & UK business forums

Through our partnership with the HM Prison Service and Andy Small, Advisor to the Aurelius Foundation, we have successfully piloted our 16-week "Stoicism & Self-Mastery" course within the UK prison system and have made significant breakthroughs in offender rehabilitation. We are proud to be expanding this program to multiple prisons across the UK, helping to improve outcomes for offenders.

Moreover, our efforts don't stop there. We recognise the critical role that employment plays in supporting successful reintegration into society, and we are committed to creating opportunities for rehabilitated offenders to secure fulfilling employment upon release, and fulfil critical shortage occupation roles and skills gaps. Through key partnerships with UK businesses, we are working to establish an enhanced program that will support the transition from prison to the workplace for individuals who have completed our Stoic program.

You may also wish to see the below article in The Times reporting on initiatives where offenders can meaningfully support the fulfilment of labour shortages under plans to reduce reoffending and boost the economy too.

More prisoners on day release to plug labour shortages

Jay Adam’s Story, Advisor to the Aurelius Foundation and former inmate

Jay Adam, Advisor to the Aurelius Foundation discovered Stoicism while serving time in prison and credits the Stoicism and Self-Mastery course, which he completed during his sentence, for helping him find his purpose and rebuild his life after release. Through the course, Jay learned valuable skills such as emotional regulation, self-discipline, and personal responsibility, which he continues to apply to his life today. His story is a testament to the transformative power of Stoic philosophy and the impact it can have on the lives of those who embrace it. Jay talks about his personal journey in an interview here.

Join us in our mission to help offenders rebuild their lives and make positive contributions to society.

We extend our grateful thanks to the HM Prison and Probation Service and Andy Small, Advisor to the Aurelius Foundation and Physical Education Senior Officer (Sergeant equivalent).

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