Stoic Wellness

At the Aurelius Foundation we consider that first and foremost your teams’ personal sense of well-being is key in today’s busy and demanding world.

Our Virtual Wellness Weeks for Business aim to give your teams the tools they need to manage and thrive in their lives and careers.


"This week has been a great reminder to take a breath, think for amoment, consider what is important and decide how I am going to react to a situation…This is amazing tool for self care and regaining balance."

"Last week turned out to be one of the most challenging weeks I’ve had for a long time. This course gave me the tools to face it with a different perspective. Amor fati.

"The programme gave me a greater understanding about what Stoicism is and what I can and can’t control and what is important.

"There were many positives I have taken from this programme that I could apply to both my personal life and work."