At the Aurelius Foundation we believe that Stoicism can support us all in maintaining a sense of personal wellbeing and balance as we walk through Life. We all face different challenges in Life and our programmes aim to provide Stoic principles and frameworks to guide you in your personal journey.

As well as exploring this Stoic Wellbeing section of our site you can also visit the Seminar Library to see our previous seminars with experienced Stoics and Wellbeing professionals, notably Tim LeBon, registered psychotherapist, and Eve Riches, experienced mentor and teacher.


Eve Riches, Mentor & Teacher, and Tim LeBon, CBT therapist, Stoic life coach and author, are working in partnership with the Aurelius Foundation to develop our first Stoic Wellbeing course for individuals.

Our course aims to deliver Stoic guidance and tools to support wellbeing for all and doesn’t require any previous experience or knowledge of Stoicism. Our guidance through the course will aim to support you and your personal growth as part of the school’s community too.

We’ll let you know when our course is live and available for booking via our mailing list (you can subscribe further below) and check our social media channels for updates.


Whether you’re running your own business or are employed by one, we all know working life plays a key part of our everyday for many of us.

We recognise the importance of being able to navigate and manage the challenges that we come across in our working life and, as Stoics, to understand how Stoic practice and our commitment to the Greater Good can manifest themselves through business and our work too.

Justin Stead, Founder at the Aurelius Foundation, is a lifelong Stoic and supports the common good through his own business ventures. Justin speaks regularly on how businesses can influence the common good through their business ethics & practices and, as CEO of Radley, a London based luxury accessories brand, Justin implements Stoic business strategies which benefit the common good too.

You can visit our in-the-press page here for Justin’s recent press and guidance on applying Stoic principles in business.


  • Stoics in Business Wellbeing Weeks (for all employees)
  • Stoics in Business Corporate Strategy days (bespoke for Senior Management teams)

Please visit our dedicated page for Stoics in Business below


We invest regularly in building and developing our Stoic Wellbeing programmes for both individuals and businesses and invite you to explore our programmes to consider which would be the best fit for you.

It’s important to us that you feel supported in your Stoic learning and journey, if you have any feedback on our courses please do not hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to working with you.