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Stoics In Business with Justin Stead, Founder & CEO

DATE:   February 9, 2022

TIME:   6.30pm-8pm

LOCATION:   105 Piccadilly, London, W1J 7NJ

We are hosting a series of in-person Aurelius Foundation workshops.

On 09 February 2022, our Founder and CEO of Radley, Justin Stead, will be leading our Stoics in Business workshop.

As an experienced leader in business, Justin will be leading a discussion on how Stoic thought can support businesses & teams and why understanding how to apply Stoicism is critical to business health and success.

Andrew Griffiths, Executive Coach, will also be joining us to discuss Stoicism in Leadership. Andrew works with organisations to meet the challenges of Strategy Implementation, Change Leadership and Leading in Times of Complexity and Uncertainty (the VUCA world).

Andrew served for 22 years in the Royal Navy. He has worked at the strategic, operational and tactical levels and spent 3 years as Head of the Royal Navy Leadership Academy. For the past 11 years he has worked with global clients as a facilitator/orchestrator and has led over 150 leadership programmes on a global basis, as well as delivering lectures.

We plan to host this workshop in-person, however, given the fluidity of the COVID-19 pandemic we may move to a virtual event (on the same date/ time) depending on the nature of government guidelines.

If you attended our event, “The Stoic Journey - How to Live a Good Life” this is a complimentary workshop and you do not need to buy a ticket. We have already emailed you a promotion code which you can apply at the checkout to register your attendance.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

The Aurelius Foundation Team